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August 28, 2009


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I agree with you. Never meant to imply that final design should be 'paper.' On the iPhone particularly ... prototyping is a must.

My point is that starting with drawings makes sense.

Thank you.

Jan Halfar

I do agree that (UI) design starts with paper-pencil sketches. It helps one to sort ideas. It helps to state clearly what is the purpose, audience expercations, possibilites, solutions.

I can't agree that final design \ prototype decisions should be done on paper. This would be possible for creating some standard, boring, static menus selection for PC game.

Here we are working with iPhone. GUI thats dynamic and fluid in its nature and users expect that kind of feel from every app, let alone game.

I see only one way for creating fluid and highely user fiendly interface. Interactive prototyping \ whiteboxing.
And tweaking, tweaking, tweaking.. ;)

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